Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

ESMBA  statement on the personal accident benefit insurance details

Dear member,

As a progressive and pro-active governing body, we are always looking at ways to improve our service and in particular adding value for our members.

As many of you will know, we teamed up with Sutton Winson insurance brokers back in 2012, to be our chosen recommended partner for club liability insurance and equipment cover. This facility has worked really well for the benefit of our clubs and counties over this period, so we looked at ways to extend cover for the benefit of individual members.

After many months of consideration, we have worked with Sutton Winson to provide a personal accident benefit to all our members. This will provide a truly valued benefit; that will assist in our aim of attracting and retaining members, for very minimal cost.

Please see below a summary of what the cover is, the cost, how it will operate and compliment with your liability insurance. In addition we have worked with Sutton Winson to provide some further enhancements for the 2017 proposal in response to member concerns:


Acceptance by Allianz to swallow the additional insurance tax levy (increasing to 12% from 10% effective 1st June 2017.

Fixed premium rating for 3 years – 89.3p plus insurance tax – to give members and the board some re-assurance around future pricing.

10% premium reduction at first renewal, if total claims are less than 40% of the total premium paid – opportunity to see a future reduction in cost.

Cover headlines

Operative time – personal accident cover will respond, whilst on the premises or elsewhere in connection with organised short mat bowls activities, including commuting to and from your destination.

Key Cover – Capital Sum benefit

Death - £12,500 (£10,000 for under 18s)

Permanent total disablement - £12,500

Loss of one or more limbs - £12,500

Loss of sight or total hearing - £12,500

Loss of speech - £6,250

Loss of internal organ - £3,125

Loss of hearing in 1 ear - £3,125

Broken back, broken arm or broken leg - £500

All other broken bones (toes, fingers) - £100

Key Cover – Weekly benefits (policy pays from day 1)

Temporary total disablement, which completely prevents member performing short mat bowls activities - £25.00 per week, up to a maximum of 104 weeks

Temporary partial disablement, that prevents more than 50% of the function to perform short mat bowls activities - £10.00 per week, up to a maximum of 104 weeks

Extension of Cover

Hospitalisation benefit - £50.00 for each 24-hour period up to a maximum of £2,000

Cost and arrangement

Due to the size and collective bargaining power of the ESMBA, in conjunction with Sutton Winson, we have obtained a quotation from Allianz to offer all the above benefits for just £1.00 per member, for 12 months cover. This cost includes the 12% insurance premium tax.

It is only available on a compulsory group policy, to cover all members.

The policy will be funded by the ESMBA, with the cost recouped from members through membership fees.

Questions and answers

Q. We already buy Civil Liability insurance, isn’t that enough cover?

A. For Civil Liability to respond, you need to prove negligence against the club, member or premises where playing. Personal accident cover will pay out immediately without any requirement for proving who is negligent.

Personal accident cover will pay out over and above any successful claim settlement from a liability insurance.

Q. Some of my members already have personal accident cover privately or through their employer. Can they opt out?

A. You cannot opt out, as we are getting the group buying discount, the policy will cover all members. If you have members with similar cover, you will obtain benefit from all personal accident policies.

Q. Are there any age limits with the cover?

A. No, although any junior members under the age of 18 years, receive a slightly reduced payment for a ‘Capital Sum benefit’

Q. Does the term commuting include accidents whilst driving?

A. Yes, the personal accident cover will respond for vehicle accidents and other scenarios whilst in the course of conducting short mat bowls activities. For example slipping on uneven surface, whilst walking to the bank, to pay in member’ subs.

Q. Does cover extend outside of the UK?

A. If the purpose of travel is in connection with organised club activities; then yes the policy will respond on a worldwide basis, excluding travel to or from Afghanistan, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Somalia and Chechnya.

Q. How will all members know about the cover?

A. We will provide details on the ESMBA website and circulate copies through counties, so it can be cascaded down to clubs and members.

Q. How can a member make a claim?

A. Again details will be provided on the ESMBA website and with the information circulated through counties. A key condition is that claims are notified within 30 days of accident.

Q. Are there any exclusions in the cover to be aware of?

A. Like most insurance policies, there are some exclusions; however, these have been kept to a minimum. The key exclusions are:

 i) excluding any claim directly or indirectly from committing a criminal act

 ii) committing suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self harm

 iii) any claim in respect of sickness or disease, except associated illness. e.g.  psychological condition or disorder, as a result of the accident is covered

Claims examples

Member trips over fender during weekly club practice and breaks her arm.

Insurance will pay out £500 in recognition of broken arm, from an accident.

Member involved in car accident on way to bank to deposit monthly club subscriptions. Suffered neck and back injuries, preventing any mobility for 12 months.

Insurance pay out £1,300. £25 for each week of temporary total disablement.

Member drops a bowls bag on a fellow members’ foot, causing injury. Injured member can undertake admin duties for the club and some bowls of practice games, but feels too hindered to continue with league matches. Injured foot is healed in 15 weeks and able to return to normal duties.

Insurance pay out £150. £10 for each week of temporary partial disablement.

Member falls and hits his head, whilst setting up mat and equipment for the bowls evening ahead. Member feels concussed and taken to hospital. Member is assessed and remains in hospital, while checks continue about any further damage caused. After 4 days the member is discharged without any further treatment and returns to normal duties thereafter.

Insurance pay out £200. £50 for each 24-hour period of being hospitalised, following accident.