Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

 Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

AGM 2019

Wednesday 8th May 2019 7:00 pm Haddenham Village Hall

Churchway, Haddenham, near Aylesbury HP17 8EE


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes from last meeting 2nd May 2018 to be approved

3. Matters arising from last minutes

4. Correspondence

5. Report from Chairman

6. Report from Membership Secretary

7. Report from Team Manager

8. Report and accounts from Treasurer

9. Report from Secretary

10. Report from National Competitions organisers

11. Fees for coming year

12. Election of officers

13. AGM business a. Smooth soled shoes

b. Ditched jack

c. Dress code

See notes below

14. Any other business

15. Date and place of next AGM

16. Close of AGM a. All existing officers willing to stand for re-election

b. The post of Secretary is vacant


12. Election of officers:

c. No new nominations received.

13. AGM business

1. The English Short Mat Bowling Association are proposing a number of rule changes upon which the BSMBA will have a vote, presumably, at the ESMBA AGM in July. BSMBA ask for guidance on how the membership would like them to vote. Two rule changes are pertinent:

a. (ESMBA proposal 1) Smooth soled shoes.

At present the footwear rule permits “proprietary bowls shoes”. Recently the outdoor discipline has accepted “ridged soles” to deal with slippery greens. ESMBA propose changing their rules to


SMOOTH SOLED proprietary Bowling shoes or Bowling sandals MUST be worn whilst playing on the

rink mat and they MUST be changed into at the venue.”

Your committee support this change. It will protect mats.

b. (ESMBA proposal 2) Ditched jack.

“An amendment should be made to section C (ESMBA rules) Para (2 ) Ditched jack

Add to this para


The Jack may not be forced into the ditch with the first two bowls of a player in either team,

The requirements of Para 4 will apply.”

This amendment or addition is to endeavour to more reflect the spirit of the game in that it should remain a "drawing game",.

I (the proposer) have been involved in games were an opponent forces the jack into the ditch with their first wood

and their wood trails the jack and so the end is won in a single wood which cannot be beaten by his//her opponent.

I would like to suggest an amendment to the laws that prevent the jack being forced into the ditch with any of the players or teams first two woods.”

Note – Para 4 gives the penalties for “jack off the mat”.

Your committee does not support this proposal.

For example

a) anyone good enough to put the jack in the ditch and stay with it consistently deserves to score.

b) A player can move the jack close to the ditch with their first bowl; why should their opponent then be denied the opportunity to capitalise on this by playing the jack into the ditch. Can they only get as close as possible and let their opponent have the chance?

c. (ESMBA proposal appendix 1) Dress code

Modify the dress code to allow black trousers, skirts, culottes rather than just mid grey.

Your committee support this

Remove mid-grey option in the future, say within 3 years

Your committee does not support this.

14. Any other business.

Items raised and discussed here will not form part of the formal AGM business.