Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday May 12th 2021 at 7pm on Zoom

Those present.  There were 30 attendees

The Chairman, Malcolm Richards welcomed everyone to the final AGM of the BSMBA in its present form.

1. Apologies for absence. Chris Barksfield

2. Minutes of the last meeting on 8th May 2019

had been circulated and read.

 The minutes are a true record of that meeting.

 Proposer Ian McMillan Seconder Mary Arnold

 Voting 17 in favour, 3 abstentions

 The minutes were signed.

3. Matters Arising

Item 13 - ESMBA rule changes passed

a) Only footwear manufactured by recognised bowls manufacturers must be worn in the mat and they must be changed into at the venue

Academic to us; clubs follow their own rules for home games but should be noted for away games and county events

b) Dress code - "Gentlemen above the waist collared county, club, plain white shirts or polo shirts.  Below the waist mid grey or solid black trousers providing the whole team is dressed in the same colour. Ladies above the waist collared county, club, plain white blouses or polo shirts. Below the waist mid grey or solid black trousers, skirts or culottes providing the whole team is dressed on the same colour"

Academic again. Clubs can adopt their own dress code home and away. County events: the constitution gives the County's dress code.

One other rule about the ditched Jack, (Jack could not be ditched with the first two bowls)  was not adopted


4. Correspondence

a. In January 2020 we wrote to ESMBA complaining about lack of consultation in imposing the new ICC format, number of games at a fixture each player may need to play, and the geography of fixtures. Unsatisfactory response

b. In October 2020 we wrote to ESMBA complaining about the ESMBA threatening disciplinary action against clubs that played without Safe Bowls Status (even though the activity was legal). No response.

c. We received correspondence in August 2020 complaining about the cancellation of the single mat league 2020/21. In the event Covid restrictions resolved this.

5. Officers reports

a) Chairman. Malcolm reported an 'unusual' two years, everything was interrupted by Covid.

The leagues didn't conclude, the AGM was cancelled, National Qualifier event was held, but then Covid struck.

Malcolm thanked all who had been responsible for the running of the BSMBA.  Especially to Bob for organising friendly matches, County matches and the Website.

To Peter for being Treasurer, and helping organise the National qualifiers

To Brian for being Membership Secretary, and helping organise the National Qualifiers.

To David Gander for being Safeguarding Officer, and helping organise Safe Bowls Status.

To Clive Cook for helping club venues negotiate Covid rules

To all bowlers for making the sport so enjoyable.

b) Membership Secretary- Brian.  Reported that membership had declined from 515 in 2019 to 486 in 2020 to 381 in 2021.

We don't have to worry about re-registration as we don't intend to do that.

As we are not re-registering Brian will not be umpiring, but will always answer questions etc.

c) Team Manager - Bob reported that in 2019 we had a great year, we got through to the final, only to be beaten by 3 points. In 2020 it was all downhill, we played 6 matches, won 2, lost 3 and Drew 1.  We opted not to take part in the Plate Competition.

Because of the change of format we lost confidence in the ESMBA, then the pandemic struck.  We decided to withdraw from the ESMBA in an EGM, and since then the level of encouragement from members has been very positive.

d) Treasurer. Peter reported that after Registration fees of £1500 had been paid out, plus Insurance of £125 we had £5944.56 in the account.

Simon Willis the treasurer of the ESMBA had returned the £85.

These accounts should be ratified.  Proposer.. Bob,  Seconder.. Peter Clarke

e) Secretary - Malcolm reported that he had been working on redrafting the new Constitution .

f) National and County Championships organisers - Brian reported that he had heard nothing about the events which had been postponed until September 2021. He congratulated Malcolm, who had qualified in all 5 disciplines.

Peter reported that the players involved had to fill in a questionnaire about continuing with the finals, but the results of the questionnaire were unknown.

6. AGM Business

a) National Finals - Darren asked if we could still play, the answer was 'Yes'

b) Personal Insurance - how long does the present insurance arrangement last?  It remains valid until the end of August 2021.

7. Any Other Business

8. EGM 31 March 2021:

As a result of the EGM on 31st March 2021, the dissolution of the present BSMBA, and transfer of assets to the new BSMBA takes place from this point.  The meeting was attended by 31 members, and passed with 30 votes in favour, and 1 abstention.

9. Closing remarks

The Chairman clarified that dwindling support had forced us to take this step of forming a new independent BSMBA.

A vote took place in favour of the new BSMBA…..29 in favour, 2 abstentions, none against.

NB The process can be reversed if at some point in the future the Association wanted to rejoin the ESMBA, the minimum number of clubs needed to do this is 4

We look forward to a new chapter, our aim being to encourage Short Mat Bowling at all levels

The meeting closed at 7:30pm. and was immediately followed by the inaugural AGM of the BSMBA under a new constitution. To read the minutes of that meeting click here. MINUTES