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Have a look at our record of achievements over the past 9 years

Bucks v London

Sunday 12th January 2020

On Sunday 12th January, Bucks travelled to Croydon for their last ICC game of the season against London County, with play commencing on time.

Sharon Drake won her singles game with a resounding 30 shots to 6, while Malcolm Warwick and Paul Knight won their pairs game 15 - 9.

Brenda Gander, Malcolm Tingle and David Gander won their triples and the fours of Lyn Dancer, Tony Short, Peter Coker and Linda Coker, Rosie Millard, Peter Clarke, Geoff Ames and Chris Millard won both games to give Bucks 10 points to 6 at the end of the morning session.

After a short break, play resumed with Kevin Dwyer winning his singles game 16-15, and Ann and Bob Hine, and Malcolm and Paul, both scraping home by 1 shot to win their pairs.  Bucks picked up the bonus points in both disciplines for a total of 20 points with just the triples and fours to play.

Rosie, Peter, Geoff and Chris won their fours game 17 - 7, and Brenda, Malcolm and David won their triples 11-5 to give Bucks the overall victory with a total score line of 216 shots and 26 points to London 187 shots and 14 points.

Both teams played well and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Well done to all those who took part.

For all the scores click here: SCORES

National Trials and Bucks Championships


On Sunday 19th January 2020, the National Trials and Bucks Championships for Mixed Fours, took place at Handy Cross Indoor Bowls Club.

Four teams took part, each playing the other three teams. The results were as follows:

1st Place: Val Latham, Irene Roberts, Brian Latham, Malcolm Richards

2nd Place: Brenda Gander, Linda Coker, Peter Coker, David Gander

3rd Place: Sharon Drake, Jan Hechscher, Tim Jones, Kevin Dwyer

4th Place: Ron Payne, Mary Clarke, Nicola Jones, Peter Clarke

The top 2 teams go through to the Nationals in March.  For all the scores click here. SCORES

This concludes the Trials for this season and our congratulations go to all the following players who have made it through to the National Championships.


 Darren Brown,  Malcolm Richards, David Gander


David & Brenda Gander, Malcolm Richards & Linda Coker

Over 55’s Pairs:

Arnie Jaffe & Malcolm Warwick, David & Brenda Gander, Malcolm Richards & Irene Roberts, Brian & Val Latham


Kevin Dwyer, Tim Jones & Sharon Drake,  -  Brian Latham, Malcolm Richards & Irene Roberts


Kevin Dwyer, Brian Latham, Irene Roberts, Malcolm Richards

Mixed Fours:

Val Latham, Irene Roberts, Brian Latham, Malcolm Richards  -  

Brenda Gander, Linda Coker, Peter Coker, David Gander

Congratulations to Malcolm Richards who qualified in all six disciplines.

What an achievement !!

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