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On Wednesday March 31st 2021, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held via Zoom, to discuss the future of the Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association. 31 members from 18 clubs participated.

This was brought about by the retirement of some of the committee, and despite requests to the membership, there were insufficient applicants to fill the vacancies. As a result, the future of the Association looked bleak.

Several issues were discussed at the meeting and it was unanimously agreed that the Asssociation should withdraw from the ESMBA as there would be no benefit in retaining membership at this time.

However, several volunteers then came forward to try and keep the BSMBA alive but in a revised format, still keeping its place as the governing body for short mat bowls within Buckinghamshire and with plans to organise more friendly competitions to a wider membership.

There will be an AGM via Zoom on Wednesday 12th May to discuss a new constitution and ratify the decisions made at the EGM.

Members wishing to take part should forward their name and email address to the chairman, and a link will be sent out prior to the meeting. The minutes of the AGM will be posted on this website following the meeting.

As part of the planned future of BSMBA, a new updated website is currently under construction and will be posted once we are able to return to bowling on a regular basis. A copy of the New constitution together with minutes of both the EGM and AGM will be published on that site.

The future is exciting and it is hoped that all current members will back these proposals.